About Cohana


KAWAGUCHI Co. Ltd., founded in 1953, is a manufacturer engaged in the planning and development of handicraft tools & notions as well as stationery goods and new lifestyle goods.

We launched the brand Cohana in 2016 to produce high-quality handmade tools with a focus on Japanese local industries and crafts, utilizing our experience and knowledge of handcraft goods development cultivated over the years since the company's establishment.

Cohana focuses on developing easy-to-use and highly practical products with creative and beautiful designs. We aim to create a brand loved not only by those who love handicrafts, but also by those who prefer unique stationery.

The development of Cohana's tools also involves our commitment to connect the traditional skills and wisdom handed down in Japan to the future and to revitalize the production areas.


Origin of Brand Name

Cohana is derived from the diety“Konohanasakuyahime” in Japanese mythology. She is as beautiful as a blooming cherry blossom tree, and worshipped as a guardian deity of Mount Fuji, which symbolizes Japan.


Cohana's Basic 5 Colors

Japanese traditional colors show the beauty of the Japanese sense of color.
Plants, trees, flowers... rich nature and things around life... Japanese people have sensed the various colors in the changing seasons, named and embraced them in our daily lives.
These five colors are used as the basic colors of Cohana.

In addition to the five basic colors, we also sell seasonal products with colors based on special themes.


Collaborations with Local Industries throughout Japan

As of February 2024, we have collaborated with approximately 48 local industries across Japan.