The Story Behind Cohana's Flower Push Pin (Mother-of-Pearl)

We wanted to create push pins using natural materials that would add a touch of delightful color and glamor to the warmth of handmade products.

The idea for the new product then came to us through beautiful "shell buttons."


Flower tops made of Akoya shells
We asked Tomoi, a long-established button manufacturer that boasts a 50% share of the Japanese domestic market for shell buttons, to produce this product.
The material used is an Akoya shell, known as the mother-of-pearl. The top flower is made of the shell itself, so the front side is luminous pearl, and the back side is just like the outside of the shell as it is.
The design of the flower, reminiscent of hand-drawn flowers, is available in three different shapes. The natural curves of the seashells give expression to the petals.
The soft impression of the top is created by utilizing the material of the seashells as they are.


We asked Meikodo in Hiroshima, where the needles are produced, to produce the pins for the push pin.
The pins are "interior pins" that do not bury all the needle legs in the wall. Compared to ordinary push pins and thumbtack needles, these needles are thinner and stronger. The top of the shell button is designed to float 4mm from the surface, so it is easy to remove. It does not damage fingernails when removing.
The brass-plated finish gives it a subdued color, making it a perfect match with Akoya shells.

Ideas for use
To create or trace patterns
To display your favorite artwork, designs, photos, etc.
To hang your favorite necklaces and other items for interior storage