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Pokeori : A Pocket-sized Loom to Enjoy Weaving Anytime & Anywhere


A pocket-sized loom that can be taken out just for a moment to enjoy a little weaving anytime, anywhere.

This kit comes with a pocket-sized Mini Loom, a Needle, a Comb.

You can also enjoy weaving with your surplus threads and/or thinly cut fabric scraps. Makes a great gift for those who love handicrafts.

You can enjoy making original accessories and decorations with the finished small weavings.

Even small children, for whom needles and scissors are not yet safe, can experience the joy of making while having fun with their parents, which nurtures their creativity.

Eco Friendly Product
The Mini Loom and the Comb are made from 51% scallop shells. The needle is made of high strength paper. These items can be disposed of as combustible waste, making the kit an earth-friendly product.

Set Contents

Loom, Comb, Needle, Printed instruction

Product Size

All measurements are for reference. Please note in advance that the actual dimensions of the product may slightly vary.

Loom Width 75mm Height 64mm Thickness 2mm
Comb Width 15mm Height 31mm Thickness 2mm 
Needle Width 70mm Height 5mm Thickness 1.5mm

Package Size

Width 110mm
Height 170mm
Thickness 10mm


Loom & Comb : Scallop shell, Polypropylene
Needle : Paper

Handling Precautions

  • Please do not use the product for any other purposes than the original intended use.
  • Children are recommended to use the product with an adult.
  • Due to the nature of the raw materials and production, black spots may be seen.
  • The needle has a sharp tip, so please handle it with care.
  • Please avoid getting the needle wet with water, as it is made of paper.
  • Dropping and applying strong force or impact may cause damage.
  • Do not place near fire or other heat sources.
  • If any damage or deformation is found, discontinue use.
  • Keep out of reach of infants.

Pokeori Kit is also available

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