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真ちゅうの竹尺 15cm (45-047) - Cohana Online Store
真ちゅうの竹尺 15cm (45-047) - Cohana Online Store
真ちゅうの竹尺 15cm (45-047) - Cohana Online Store

Brass Ruler (Classic Japanese Style) 15cm (45-047)

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Brass Ruler with Japanese Classic Bamboo Scale Design


Traditional bamboo rulers were once widely used in old Japan but fell out of favor over the years. We collaborated with the brand ICHIREI of Marui Techno Co. Ltd., Tochigi Prefecture to reimagine the old-school Japanese bamboo ruler in brass. The ruler has a nostalgic but timeless feel, and the polished brass is a delight to the touch. Its gentle curve emulates the character of bamboo and fits naturally to your hands, which makes it easier to use than a flat ruler.

Precise scales are beautifully laser-engraved on the surface in the Japanese traditional bamboo ruler way. Rather than numerals, simple dots called hoshi are engraved every 2.5 cm in the traditional style so that the ruler can be used from both ends.

The Brass Ruler (Classic Japanese Style) comes in two sizes, 15 cm and 30 cm. A great gift for your loved ones.

※This ruler is scaled in centimeters.

Producing Region



Brass ruler|ICHIREI by Marui Techno / Tochigi

ICHIREI is a brand of measuring equipment developed by MARUI TECHNO based on the concept of "plus one needed by all people involved in manufacturing".


Product Size

All measurements are for reference. Please note in advance that the actual dimensions of the product may slightly vary.

Length 150mm
Width 18mm
Thickness 2mm

Package Size

Width 70mm
Height 200mm
Depth 8mm



Handling Precautions

  • This product is made of brass. Color changes over time.
  • To avoid sudden discoloration, do not leave the product in contact with water or acidic substances.
  • Please do not use metal polishers or polishing cloths for cleaning. The vermilion paint on the ruler may come off.
  • Green rust may occur rarely. It is non-toxic and harmless, but if it bothers you, polish it off with a cloth moistened with a solution of equal parts vinegar and salt. Wash with a mild detergent and dry well.
  • Please be careful not to injure yourself with the corners of the ruler.
  • Avoid excessive friction of the product on the fabric, which may cause tearing or color migration.
  • Do not leave the product in direct sunlight for long time or use it with an iron or other high-temperature object. Doing so may cause risk of burns.
  • Leaving the product for a long period of time with in a state of unreasonable force applied may cause deformation.
  • Dropping or strong impact may cause damage.
  • Keep out of reach of infants.

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Brass Ruler (Classic Japanese Style) 15cm (45-047)