A Special Gift for Valentine's Day That Conveys Your Heart

To your beloved partner, the person who takes care of you, your family who always supports you, and the person you care about....

Valentine's Day is a special day to express your feelings and gratitude that you don't usually get to express.

We would like to introduce you to high-quality gifts that will convey your love to someone special.

An accent to your desk space/

Nambu Iron Paperweight ¥2,530

The soft texture of the cast surface is characteristic of Nambu ironware.

It can be used as a paperweight or pen stand.

The elegant colors will add a touch of elegance to your desk space.

Nambu Iron Paperweight 


Brass develops its own texture with use/

Brass Ruler (Classic Japanese Style) 15cm ¥3,630

This brass ruler is made with a tribute to the traditional Japanese bamboo ruler. The brass ruler conveys a nostalgic but timeless feel, and the polished brass is a delight to the touch.

Rather than numerals, simple dots called 'hoshi' are engraved every 2.5 cm in the traditional style so that the ruler can be used from both ends.

Brass Ruler (Classic Japanese Style)

\ Light and easy to carry/

Paperboard Tool Case ¥3,630

Stationery and tools can be stored compactly in this paper tool case.

Its thin, slim form makes it smart to take in and out of your bag.

The magnets built into the inner lining can securely hold clips and other small metal items.

Paperboard Tool Case

Made with fine materials and functionality/

Mikawa Momen Trifold Toolbag ¥8,580

Made with supple and durable Mikawa Momen and canvas.

This is a unique tool-carrying bag that unfolds to reveal five inner pockets in different sizes with ample storage and a zippered compartment for small items.

It is a receptive and reliable toolbag.

Mikawa Momen Trifold Toolbag