Cohana SUZUKAZE Selection2024

How about add some tools in cool colors for your handmade toward the coming summer season?

For a limited time only, we will be offering the SUZUKAZE selection. SUZUKAZE means cool breeze in Japanese. The SUZUKAZE selection with recommended items mainly featuring eye-cooling Green and Blue. 

In addition to the regular items, 3 limited sets specially prepared to join the SUZUKAZE Selection.

SUZUKAZE Selection period

From 1st July 10:00A.M. to 31st July 10:00A.M.


This newsletter features details of the 3 SUZUKAZE Selection Limited Sets that will make your handmade time more delightful with colors that are cool to the eyes.

The limited sets will be delivered gift-wrapped in the same color, making them ready for gift-giving.

SUZUKAZE Easy Sewing Set

This sewing set includes the popular Easy Threader Blue and three basic Cohana sewing items: Seki Mini Scissors, Meboso Needle Set (Light to Medium Weight) and Wooden Thread Spool. The Easy Threader is an excellent tool for threading a needle, simply by setting the needle and thread and pushing the button. Freedom from the hassle of threading. One less stress makes handmade cooler and more enjoyable.

Price 4895 JPY


SUZUKAZE Sewing Pin Set

This set includes Hasami Magnetic Pin Holder & Glass Sewing Pins in a Cherry-Wood Box. The charm on the wooden box band is made of natural shell button, which is cute and cool to eye.

The Magnetic Spool for effective handmade work and the wooden box for easy carry around. You can use the items depending on your purposes!

Price 5060 JPY


 SUZUKAZE Mini Mini Friends Set

This set includes the popular Mini Waxed Canvas Tote and Seki Mini Scissors. Mini Waxed Canvas Tote can hold all the necessary tools for handmade goods in a neat and compact way. Mini Waxed Canvas Tote is also popular as a glasses case. Seki Mini Scissors are convenient to carry and useful in various situations.

Price 5335 JPY



Invite cool breeze for your summer handmade time

The SUZUKAZE selection will put you in summer mode all at once!

Also recommended as summer gifts


Please visit the SUZUKAZE Selection page

which will be open from July 1, 10:00 A.M.