Cohana Staff Favorite -Waxed Canvas Tool Tote

Cohana Staff Favorite
Waxed Canvas Tool Tote

 History of Use: 3 years Number owned:2



In this Cohana Staff Favorite story, among the many Cohana items, our staff Yumiya from Cohana's creative team, picks up “Waxed Canvas Tool Tote'' and talks about it.

=Why did you choose this product as your favorite?

I do many types of handicrafts, including cross-stitch, embroidery, and Temari making.
Throughout my professional career, I have tried many different toolboxes and sewing boxes. Then I have come to a preference for simple, functional, and clean design. It is also important to have a beautiful appearance.

Waxed Canvas Tool Tote'' is the best toolbox for me that has all these features.

=How do you use it?
I use it to hold my tools and materials for Temari making projects. Scissors, tape measure, pincushion, thread, and other various notions and projects in progress can be neatly stored in this one tote. The storing ability is great so that I can throw in notions and materials without any constraint. This works great for me.

It is easy to take with you so you can change where you work at home depending on the mood of the day. I attend a monthly Temari class and bring what I need with this tote to class, just what I need. When I go to the class, I usually put my toolbag in a large bag and I go. It is convenient to use either as it is or as a bag-in-bag.

 I use the outer pocket for important notes, glasses, etc. that I don't want to lose. It also serves as a pen and tool holder while working on a project.

=What are your favorite points of this product?

It is lightweight and has a large capacity. It is also moderately high for easy access to the tools inside. The compact size, despite its ample storage capacity, makes it convenient for working in a limited space, such as sitting at a café or on a train while traveling.

I put 2 Canvas Pouches and 1 Waxed Canvas Accessory Pouch in my tote. Not only does it function as a divider inside the bag, increasing its storage capacity, but I can also keep the whole pouch containing my tools close at hand when I am working.

Since the canvas fabric has a paraffin coat finish, it has a firm texture at first. I like the fact that the more I use it, the more this texture gets softer and the more tasteful it gets. I would like to continue to spend more time with this tool case to enjoy handmade products together.

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