Announcemet of Result in Cohana Gift Survey

We conducted a Cohana gift survey
"Which one would be your choice for a Christmas gift? "in the November 24 newsletter.
These are the top three most popular products answered in the questionnaire.

For a small thank you gift

No.1 Seki Mini Scissors Gift ¥1,540

Seki Mini Scissors in the matching color wrapping.

No.2 Seki Mini Scissors and Mini Masu Pincushion Set  ¥3,630

Seki Mini Scissors and Mini Masu Pincushion are in a mini Japanese basket.

No.3 Seki Mini Scissors and Mini Drawstring Pouch Set ¥4,180

The Seki Mini Scissors perfectly fits in the Mini Drawstring Pouch.

For a special gift to your loved one

No.1 Small Sewing Set ¥12,100

Easy to carry around and you can enjoy sewing anywhere!

No.2 Magewappa Toolbox Sewing Set ¥30,800

A set of Cohana's popular basic sewing items in the beautiful wooden Magewappa Toolbox.

No.3 Hexagonal Temari Box Sewing Set¥16,500

A set of Cohana's small sewing tools in the Hexagonal Temari Box.

If you're not sure what to get as a Christmas gift, please use it as inspiration!

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