【Thank you sold out 】New Year Lucky Bag with OTOSHIDAMA coupon


To celebrate the new start of 2024, the New Year Lucky Bags will be sold exclusively at the Cohana Online Store and the Cohana Nihonbashi Store.

A New Year Lucky Bags are available in limited quantities, a special set of the popular Small Scissors with Lacquered Handles KOTOBUKI in the limited color gold and two to three other Cohana products. The New Year Lucky Bag comes with a New Year's OTOSHIDAMA Coupon that can be used on your next purchase and an original Cohana calendar for the year 2024!

Cohana New Year Lucky Bag  11,000 JPY
sales start
at 10:00(JST) on 4th January 2024

Available only at Cohana Online Store & Cohana Nihonbashi Store

※Orders placed through the online store will be shipped from 5th January.



【Exclusive to New Year Lucky Bag 】
Small Scissors with Lacquered Handles KOTOBUKI 

KOTOBUKI is a Japanese word for celebration. We adopted it as the name of our small scissors limited edition for the New Year Lucky Bag.

The lacquer handles are a new type with fine glitter, which never been seen before. After repeated experiments with a lacquer artisan, we have achieved an elegant champagne gold with delicate silver glittering on a soothing gold lacquer color.

The luster of the urushi lacquer, the gold of the maki-e lacquer and the sparkle of fine glitter add a gorgeous finish befitting the New Year celebrations. The tassel is made of gold and silver threads. These scissors are perfect for crafts, with handles that sparkle in your hand every time you use them.

The scissors' sheaths are also part of the fun, with three different types of leather sheaths are available for this limited editions. You can enjoy the limited Small Scissors with Lacquered Handles with each individuality.

● Bronze sheath encrusted with gold glitter to match the champagne gold shimmer

● Pink sheath that gently complements the glamour of champagne gold

● Gray sheath giving a chic look with champagne gold sparkle

Please note that it is same as with the contents of the lucky bags, it is not possible to choose the type sheath.



The Japanese word "OTOSHIDAMA” originally means money given as a gift to loved ones mostly from parents or elders to children during the New Year's holiday. In a broader sense, it also means gifts during the New Year.

OTOSHIDAMA Coupons are offered in a lottery style with each winning price being different.

● 3 winners for 10,000 JPY Coupon
● 5 winners for 5,000 JPY Coupon
● 10 winners for  3,000 JPY Coupon
● 20 winners for 1,000 JPY Coupon
Everyone is the winner ! 

【How to use】

①Enter the coupon code above when you make your purchase at the Cohana Online Store.
②Please bring this coupon to the Cohana Nihonbashi Store.

This coupon can be used only once in either ① or ②.


・Each coupon has a set purchase amount.
 10,000 JPY Coupon can be used for a purchase of 20,000 JPY or more.
 5,000 JPY Coupon can be used for a purchase of 10,000 JPY or more.
 3,000 JPY Coupon can be used for a purchase of 6,000 JPY or more.
 1,000 JPY Coupon can be used for a purchase of 2,000 JPY or more.
500円 JPY Coupon for other than those listed above.

・Coupons cannot be applied after an order has been placed. If you have trouble applying the coupon, please contact us before placing your order.
・Coupons will be void if transferred to another person.



【 Winter Holiday Notice 】
Friday, December 29, 2023 - Wednesday, January 3, 2024
Cohana Nihonbashi store and online store's shipping operations will be closed during the above period. During the Winter Holidays, our online store will still be open to take your orders so that you can enjoy your shopping.

【 Shipping of Online Store Orders Before & After Winter Holidays 】

Orders received by 12:00 pm on Thursday, December 28, 2023 will be shipped on the day you order, which will be the last shipping of 2023.
Orders received after this point will be shipped sequentially from Friday, January 5, 2024.