\New Item/ Asobi ITO joins our Online Store

【 Online Store New Item 】

Asobi ITO


Asobi ITO total in 12 colors will join Cohana Online Store!
This product can be used as a weaving thread for the popular pocket-sized mini loom Pokeori and Pokeori Kit! You can also enjoy making tassels, accessories, and arranging gift wrapping in a fancy way.
In addition to individual colors, we also offer a gorgeous set of 12 colors. Choose your favorite color and enjoy!



Asobi ITO is an eco-friendly product made from recycled leftover yarns from various apparel products. The assorted set includes five kinds of cute and colorful yarns and threads that match the theme color.

Due to the nature of this product, you may find different types of yarns and threads in the assortment even if you purchase the same theme color. Please note that you cannot specify the type of yarns and threads.


【 Together Recommended 】

Pokeori & Pokeori Kit


Pokeori and Pokeori Kit with threads to enjoy weaving right away! The kits come in pink, blue, and yellow threads, separately. Add the same color or pick the different colors of Asobi ITO to enjoy!