【Advanced Notice】Mother's Day Gift Recommendations 2024 from Cohana

Maybe you're starting to wonder, "What should I give my mother for Mother's Day this year?"

From April 19 to May 13, 2024, the Cohana online store will be offering a total of 10 Mother's Day gift recommendations, including 4 limited-time Mother 's Day gift items in addition to the 6 regular items , on its collection page.

4 limited time Mother's Day gifts will be delivered in color-matched wrapping. They can be used as a gift right away!

Seki Mini Scissors & Hasami Magnetic Pin Holder SET

This set includes Cohana's best-selling Seki Mini Scissors and Hasami Magnetic Pin Holders. This set is very useful for a little needlework. Small and cute, yet capable of getting the job done, this duo is sure to bring a smile to any mother's face!

Recommended for use around the desk as stationery.

Pokeori Kit & Seki Mini Scissors SET Pink/Green

This set includes the Pokeori Kit and Seki Mini Scissors which are very popular in the Cohana online store. With these two items you can enjoy Pokeori weaving as soon as opening the gift!

KAWAGUCHI 70th Anniversary Items

This year KAWAGUCH. Co. Ltd., the mother company of Cohana, celebrates the 70th anniversary of its foundation. To commemorate the occasion, KAWAGUCHI's popular items are now available in special colors, and Cohana adopted them for Cohana's Mother's Day gift.

Kawaguchi's popular products are now available in bright and cheerful pop colors to please everyone who enjoys handmade goods!

Needlecase SET Pink/Blue

Slim and compact Needle Case with a soft-touch lining with a built-in magnet to hold needles securely in place. The lid can be closed for storage, making it ideal for keeping needles safe and secure. Convenient and safe for carrying 

Sewing Pins are not included

The set includes the popular Magic Needle for easy threading, which does not require a threader, and the Cohana's Wooden Thread Spool together.

Easy Threader Pink/Blue

As the product name suggests, threading is even easier with KAWAGUCHI Corporation's long-selling Easy Threader! Just press the button to thread the needle hole. Say goodbye to tedious and stressful threading.


Check out our Mother's Day gift recommendations, including these

4 Limited Time Mother's Day Gift Items! The collection page will be available starting April 19, 2024.