Cohana Staff Favorite -Cypress Pencil with Small Flower Parquet Part1

A pencil that can help you find inner peace: “Cypress Pencil with Small Flower Parquet”

This story has two parts. This newsletter is the first part and the next one is the second part.

In this Cohana Staff Favorite story, among the many Cohana items, Yamamoto, the leader of Cohana's development team, picks up “Cypress Pencil with Small Flower Parquet” and talks about it. 

This time, Yamamoto, the leader of Cohana's development team, talks about “Cypress Pencil with Small Flower Parquet.”

Cypress Pencil with Small Flower Parquet

Pencils are a great tool for expressing your thoughts and ideas

As we grow older, we seem to use pencils less.Many of us probably use ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils instead of pencils. 

I have been using pencils for drawing and other purposes since I was a child. Pencils are something always in my pencil box. 

Soft feeling in the hand and smoothness of drawing are something that only pencils can offer. 

I use “Cypress Pencil with Small Flower Parquet” to jot down ideas in a notebook that I always keep by my side.

Since shades and the thickness of the line can be changed freely, pencils allow my thoughts and the image in my head to be expressed in detail. Letters and lines written with a pencil seem to be always gentler.

A solid wood pencil that lets you feel the "wood" as it is

My most favorite point of this item is that everything is made of solid materials. The warm and soft feel of the wood surface naturally calms my mind.

Pencils are adorned with a delicate parquet of flowers featuring the Cohana logo.

Since it is made from solid wood, knots can sometimes make it somewhat difficult to sharpen.
This is when you can feel the individuality of the wood.

There is another point that I would like you to know, which was inspired when we sharpened the pencil in the course of development. 

That's for next time!