The Story Behind Cohana's Nambu Iron Paperweight

For Cohana's Paperweight

Firstly we wanted to adapt Iwate's Numbu Ironware
One of the representative of Japanese Traditional Crafts

We have added new ideas and design to Nambu Ironware


Nambu Ironware as a daily commodity rooted in daily life

It is said that "If you take care of it in the right way, Nambu ironware can last 3 generations." Nambu ironware has been loved by many Japanese people for its durability and longevity.

Recently, many colorful and modern Nambu ironware have been produced, and their popularity is increasing overseas as well.

JAPAN's Traditional Craft: Nambu Ironware

In 1975, Nambu ironware was certified as the first Japanese traditional craft by the Japanese government.


In order to receive this certification, the products must meet all of the following five strict conditions.

(1) The product is primarily used in daily life.
(2) The main part of the manufacturing process is handicraft
(3) The main part of the manufacturing process is handmade.
(4) The product is manufactured using traditionally used raw materials as the main raw material.
(5) The product is manufactured or engaged in manufacturing by a significant number of persons in a certain region.


The certification of Traditional Craft is the title that can only be given to crafts that are made by traditional and historical handicrafts and that are deeply rooted in the daily lives of the Japanese people.

Cohana's Challenge and Creation

Make it stackable for neat storage!
Button motif with holes large enough to be used as pen holders!
Apply tastful colors, but preserve the texture of cast iron surface!


OISEI Foundry responded to Cohana's detailed ideals, went through a series of trial and error, and achieved the Cohana's Nambu Iron Paperweight.


The motto of OISEI Foundry is "Ironware is an everyday basic item."

Cohana's Nambu Iron Paperweight is created with the aim "a tool that will become a part of your daily life as it is used."