Something Blue Gifts

June will soon be upon us.

Since it's the month of the June Bride, something blue from Cohana could be a nice gift idea for your loved ones!

TSUYUKUSA-IRO: Blue is one of the five basic colors that represent Cohana.

Kokeshi Doll Pincushion Set

6,930 yen

A perfect gift set that will bring a smile to everyone's face. This plum flower motif of Iida Mizuhiki Needle Threader is called UMEMUSUBI, which is a very auspicious knot with the meaning of a tightly bound bond and good luck.



Hexagonal Temari Box Sewing Set

16,500 yen

A set of Cohana's small sewing tools in the Hexagonal Temari Box. Hexagonal Box topped with a handcrafted small Temari ball as a knob. The hexagonal shape is associated with the shell of a turtle. Temari expresses chrysanthemums in a traditional manner, called Kiku-kagari. Both "turtles" and "chrysanthemum" have been popular as symbols of longevity and good luck.



Premium Set

30,800 yen

Cohana's ever popular 9 items in TSUYUKUSA assorted in a box. A great gift for your loved one!