Cohana Nihonbashi Store Anniversary Edition

Cohana Nihonbashi store celebrates its 7th anniversary in June 2024. 
As appreciation to our customers, we will release limited edition of Seki Mini Scissors & Small Scissors with Lacquered Handles & Seki Sewing Shears with Lacquered Handles in special colors, which are soft and gentle impression derived from the Cohana basic 5 colors.

Sales start at 10:00 JST on 11th June 2024

Available in limited qutities.

The sales will end as soon as the pranoducts are gone.

Limited Edition Colors Created from Cohana's Basic 5 Colors

Limited edition scissors in special colors created based on customer requests for scissors in more colors and more bright colors.


Anniversary Seki Mini Scissors

The limited edition colors make them even cuter! Small but the cut is nice and sharp.


Anniversary Small Scissors with Lacquered Handles

The handles are luxuriously finished with gold maki-e on a limited color lacquer coating. A reliable cutting ability with threads not escaping. Thin and delicate cutting blades ensure a detailed cut.

Anniversary Seki Sewing Shears with Lacquered Handles

Luxury lacquered handles. Shears with an easy-to-handle size and stable cutting ability.



Choose your favorite color to make your handmade time much more joyful!