Cohana Staff Favorite -Cypress Pencil with Small Flower Parquet Part2 

Time for using a pencil becomes more enjoyable.

We wanted to make such a product.

This story has two parts. This newsletter is the second part.

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In this Cohana Staff Favorite story, among the many Cohana items, Yamamoto, the leader of Cohana's development team, picks up Cypress Pencil with Small Flower Parquet and talks about it.

Cypress Pencil with Small Flower Parquet

Encounter with pencils made of timber from forest thinning

When I was reading a newspaper, an article about “Iwaki-Takahashi, Inc” caught my eye.

Iwaki-Takahashi, Inc established a factory in an abandoned elementary school and started making pencils with timber from forest thinning. Iwaki City in Fukushima Prefecture is considered as the northern limit of the Hinoki (Japanese cypress) tree. In the forestry industry, forest thinning is a necessary part of forest conservation and maintenance.

I immediately contacted Iwaki-Takahashi, Inc and got a pleasant reply saying, "Let's make pencils for Cohana together.” 

 As I talked with them, I learned that they also manufacture and sell pillows filled with natural cedar chips and chopsticks made from thinned wood. They offered to send me pencil samples right away.

Pencil with aroma of Japanese cypress

When I sharpened the pencil I received, aroma of cypress wafted softly in the air. 

I remember saying to myself, "Wow, it smells so good!” I want to enjoy the aroma even more, and bring it to my customers! This thought came to me.

After discussions with Cohana's development crew, we decided to attach a small bag to store the shavings so that the aroma could be enjoyed not only at the moment of shaving, but also afterwards. 

I use Asanoha Parquet Pencil Sharpener and leave the lid open to enjoy the aroma.

Recommended for those who need refreshment

Cypress Pencil with Small Flower Parquet is recommended to use when you feel hectic or when you need to calm your mind.

When I use with this pencil, I find myself concentrating and experiencing a sense of calm. Embraced by the refreshing aroma of Japanese cypress, I can spend a quality time in writing, drawing, and brain

storming etc. Aromatic refreshments have such a benefit.

Spending enjoyable time in the present will lead to a brighter future. 

From that perspective, this pencil can be a little helper. Pick up and enjoy Cypress Pencil with Small Flower Parquet!

Pencil with aroma of Japanese cypress