Vol.4 Nozomi Shichi in Kyoto

New Series Cohana and Ninigi

Along with the introduction of Cohana's products and campaigns, we also would like to share stories and the latest information related to handicrafts, focusing on "people" who are active in various handicraft fields through a connection with Cohana.


Cohana and Ninigi Vol.4

Nozomi Shichi, Yubinuki Creator in Kyoto

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Pursuing Kaga Yubinuki, Japanese Traditional Thimble, she launched "Atelier Rikka" in Kyoto in 2021. Creating not only traditional Yubinukis but also thread jewelries woven with silk threads applying the technique acquired through Yubinuki creation.

Nozomi was a member of Cohana's creative team when the brand was launched.
Since becoming independent from Cohana, she has been creating delicate and beautiful artworks one after another with her new sensibility and traditional techniques. She also actively holds workshops to spread the joy of making.

This article has two-parts, Vol. 3 and Vol. 4. Continuing from the first part, please enjoy the interview with a professional Yubinuki Creator, Nozomi Shichi.



Please tell us about your creative inspirations.

I create my works with an emphasis on what I want to create at the time, and essence of the season.

What I sense in the seasons can be the greatest theme such as the anticipation of approaching spring, the sweet memories of summer, the nostalgia of autumn and the crisp air in winter. I also incorporate trends in the world as they come to my mind.

I try not to set specific styles for my work since I believe my work is about capturing beauty by sensibilities.

Inspired by Flowers
Camellia Otome/Orchid/Camellia Wabisuke


 Inspired by Insect Illustrated Encyclopedia


What do you pay attention to for creating beautiful Yubinuki?

Rough hands directly affect the finish of my work, so I care my hands well. The silk threads are so delicate that even the slightest agnail can cause a damage. I try to take care of my hands just like they are my tools same as my needles and scissors.


Please show us your Thead Jewelly thread accessories.

These broom tassel earrings are so light that they sway in the gentle breeze.
The upper part of the silk thread is lightweight because the thread is wound directly onto the tassel without a core, which requires 3 skills to finish beautifully. Accessory production was achieved with 3 advanced Thread handling techniques: make tassels, wrap evenly, and change colors as you wrap.


Could we have a glimpse of your atelier/shop?

My store and studio is located in a renovated machiya (Old style Japanese house) in Kiyomizu Gojo, Kyoto, close to the Kamo River. Easy access from the station. Please feel free to come and take a look.


Please let us know if there are any handmade trends in Kyoto, where traditional crafts are gathered.

Kyoto is a town that values tradition, but at the same time, it is well aware of the fact that simply preserving the current form will not be sufficient to meet the needs of the times... and I sense changes on a daily basis. Perhaps it is because many people in Kyoto have a thriving sense honed in a place where commerce flourishes. Collaboration for innovation seems to be a recent trends.


Please let us know if there is anything you would like to challenge in the future.

I hope that people overseas will learn more about Japanese Yubinuki and enjoy both purchasing and making them. Last year, I actually held a workshop on Yubinuki for a group of handicraft lovers who came to Kyoto from overseas.
I would like to improve my English skills so that I can explain the history and tips of making Yubinuki in more details. I would also like to sell my Yubinuki directly overseas.

The dynamic power to coexist with needs while preserving the fascinating traditions and culture of Kyoto. There seems to be a commonality between the dynamism of Kyoto and your creative activities, Nozomi!
We look forward to your future achievements.

Just a few of these pins on a pincushion makes it much more gorgeous and makes handmade time more enjoyable. I often use them for my photo shoots of my works. They are recommended as accessories for your favorite handicraft works.

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Thank you for your cooperation!

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