NEW additions to the Pokeori Kit and Asobi ITO!


We have added new products to our popular Pokeori Kits and Asobi ITO in the Cohana online store. We will introduce new products that will expand the fun of Pokeori!

Pokeori Kit Neon

A pocket-sized loom that can be taken out just for a moment to enjoy a little weaving anytime, anywhere.
This kit comes with a pocket-sized Mini Loom, a needle, a comb, and "ASOBI ITO Neon" to enjoy weaving right away. 


Asobi ITO Neon


The popular Asobi ITO as weaving thread for pocket-sized mini looms, Pokeori, is now available in trendy neon colors.
Glamorous neon colors, which enhance a positive mood whether used as the main color or as a point color.
Available in two types: bright neon colors and marble neon, blended with neon & white for a softer impression.



Asobi ITOs specialized for warp yarn are now available!


Asobi ITO Warp Set


This is a set of warp threads to enjoy Pocketori, a pocket-sized mini loom. The set includes threads in 5 basic colors, which can go with any weft yarns and treads. Each color is available in ample quantities of approximately 2m. Recommended for those who want to weave a lot and enjoy various arrangements.


Asobi ITO Elastic Warp

A new idea of employing elastic for the warp of pocket-sized weaving loom, Pokeori!
By using elastic for the warp, the textile becomes stretchy and flexible. You can enjoy creating highly practical original textiles such as hair accessories, bracelets, and bands for lunch boxes and small boxes.
Available in five pop and soft colors.



Wide Variety of Pokeori Kit and Asobi ITO

Choose the one that suits your mood and create quickly and easily!

Handmade is now easier and more fun!