SUZUKAZE Easy Sewing Set
SUZUKAZE Easy Sewing Set
SUZUKAZE Easy Sewing Set

SUZUKAZE Easy Sewing Set

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Suzukaze Sewing Set with Easy Threader as A Strong Support!


This sewing set includes the popular Easy Threader Blue and three basic Cohana sewing items: Seki Mini Scissors, Meboso Needle Set (Light to Medium Weight) & Wooden Thread Spool.

The Easy Threader is an excellent device that completes threading by simply setting the needle and thread and pushing the button. You can be free from the hassle of threading. With one less stress, your handmade work will be much cooler and more enjoyable.

Simply apply a thread, place a needle, and press a button to thread the needle hole.
Equipped with a magnet for convenient needle pickup

Hold the handles with your fingers and use light force to make cuts.

Will be delivered in a special gift wrapping

Set Contents

Easy Threader
Seki Mini Scissors
Meboso Needle Set (Light to Medium Weight)
Wooden Thread Spool

Product Size

All measurements are for reference. Please note in advance that the actual dimensions of the product may slightly vary.

Easy Threader Width 80mm Height 50mm
Seki Mini Scissors Total length 35mm Blade length 8mm Width 22mm Thickness 12mm
Wooden Thread Spool Height 35mm Width 35mm Thickness 5mm Thread length 3m
Meboso Needle Set
(8 pics)
Shinoichi(2pics) Length:33.3mm Thickness:0.56mm
Shinoji(2pics) Length:36.4mm Thickness:0.56mm
Shinosan(2pics) Length:39.4mm Thickness:0.56mm
Sannoji(2pics) Length:36.4mm Thickness:0.71mm


Package Size

Width 220mm
Height 175mm
Depth 35mm


Easy Threader:Body/ABS, Metal rod/SUS, Spring/Piano wire steel SUS, Plate/Duracon with glass
Seki Mini Scissors:Body/Stainless steel blade steel, ABS resin, Case/Genuine leather, Tassel/Silk
Wooden Thread Spool:Body/Wood, Thread/Polyester
Meboso Needle Set:Needle/Steel, Case/Paper, Tassel/Polyester


Easy Threader product page
Easy Threader


Now running for July only!
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